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These Programs Can Often Be Very Rewarding

Get Paid To Sites (GPT) (also known as Get Paid To Surf) are sites that allow members to be compensated for completing labor within them. Generally the company would use income paid by advertisers to compensate members for completing tasks. Most companies also offer members other rewards such as contests, games, drawings, and many other benefits.


GPT sites are a business model that increased in popularity within the 1990s shortly after the dot-com crash era. During this time there have been many attempts to run this model successfully, and many have had great success. One such company and seen as one of the first was known as AllAdvantage, which began in March 1999 and came to owning a membership level of around 13 million.The idea focused on the slogan: 'Anyone could make income online without much effort.'

The scheme attracted a lot of imitators, but none were as successful as this company during this period. Within its lifespan, AllAdvantage had gained over US$175 Million in capital and paid out to its members over US$160 Million. The imitators however never gained more than a fraction of this success, and many shut down after only a few months. Even AllAdvantage ceased to exist after 18 months of operation.

After the collapse of AllAdvantage during late 2001, very few GPT sites remained, and the industry seemed to fizzle out in popularity throughout for years, until it regained popularity after a 5 year hiatus.

GPT Sites Today

Currently the industry has regained footing in popularity and is currently standing as a Multi-Million Dollar Industry. There are quite a few successful sites that have been running since 2007 that stand out as leaders now, and there are also many imitators that come and go.

Although this industry has become a very successful and lucrative venture, some of these sites have become known as scams for not paying or underpaying members for their efforts, and others have been forced to shut down due to economic struggles within the company, without paying its members properly. This has given the industry as a whole a bad reputation.

Reputable GPT Sites To Join

As stated previously, there are a lot of shady GPT programs out there, but there are also quite a few GPT programs that are completely legitimate to join and can jumpstart you to begin earning cash and gifts online.

One known program that has been nominated as one of the best GPT resources on the net is TheGPTShark. This site not only provides you with the best GPT sites on the net currently and a complete list of over 500 known scam GPT sites, but they also provide their members with plenty of useful tips to help them along as they complete tasks within these sites. Best of all, everything TheGPTShark provides is 100% free of charge.

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